Sneak preview of pictures of beautiful places….

On Monday Esther, Catherine and Matt spent the day visiting and photographing beautiful places as recommended by people we met through the project at events at Harty and Barton’s Point.Photographs by Matt Rowe.

GT-2-web 2

GT-2-web 19

GT-2-web 52

GT-2-web 49

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Good Tidings at Sheppey Promenade Saturday 01 August 12- 6pm

Roll up! Roll Up!

We will be in the Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities, and out on Sheerness High Street on Saturday 01 August from 12- 6pm. So bring along you beautiful things made, found or seen on the Isle of Sheppey to add to our growing collection!

GT- 212          GT- 70 GT- 154                             IMG_8969

Photographs by Matt Rowe and Dan Howard- Birt

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Caravan of love

Daniel and his amazing hand made Gypsey caravan! Daniel has accompanied us to both Barton’s Point and to Harty Country Fayre where Matt Rowe photographed him (just after a few hours of very heavy rain). What a beautiful, beautiful caravan!

GT- 45 GT- 47

GT- 53               GT- 54

GT- 57

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Jo Eden’s photographs of Beautiful Things- views, collections, animals and activities at Harty Country Fayre

Jo Eden country dancers at Harty

JO Eden GT cabinet at Harty

Jo Eden marble collection at harty

Jo Eden Peacock at Harty    Jo Eden Peacock II

Jo Eden pond at Harty

Jo Eden spinner at Harty

Jo Eden view accross the Thames

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Malcolm the Bodger

Malcolm Newell and his amazing portable pole lathe making beautiful furniture at Harty Country Fayre. Photographed by Matt Rowe, interviewed by Cathy and recorded by Jasmine

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Curious about Corn Dollies?

Ever wondered why people make beautiful Corn Dollies? Then listen to Colin Patience, Church Warden at St Thomas’ in Harty for over 40 years describing where this tradition came from, it’s connection to Sheppey and how he has passed it on to fellow parishoners…Interview by Esther Collins, photograph by Matt Rowe

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Corn Dollies from Harty

Beautiful Corn Dollies made by parishioners at St Thomas’ Church, Harty. Photographed by Matt Rowe

GT- 212

GT- 213

GT- 214     GT- 215     GT- 217

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